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Join an extensive database of Notaries all over the USA to build connections, relationships & share resources. Develop your profile to share who you are and what you do. Expand your business, get more connections and  income opportunities.

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Apostille Direct Services

Do you need to get apostilles and either do not live or work near a Secretary of State or are you doing work in another state?.

We have notaries throughout the USA ready to work at a moment's notice. Search the database to find what you need.

Members can apply to be a courier at $25 a year. Once you join for free, you can apply to be a courier.

Although Couriers have been vetter we suggest you perform due diligence on any party you choose to engage with.

About our Vetting Process.

We conduct an initial screening of all applicants wishing to become a courier to ensure the authenticity of their information and to verify they are real individuals, not automated entities. Our directory's main purpose is to provide you with contact details of various service providers within our network.

Please note that we do not conduct comprehensive background checks, such as FBI investigations. Our directory is intended solely to facilitate connections by offering contact information.

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We are an educational institute that teaches notaries on various subjects allowing them to start new businesses, expand their present businesses, and enhance their income.

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