New in 2022

Friends of Apostille & Notaries Network & Apostille Direct Services

Join an extensive database of Notaries all over the USA to build connections, relationships & share resources. Develop your profile to share who you are and what you do. Expand your business, get more connections and  income opportunities.

Apostille Runners for you

Apostille Direct Services

Do you need to get apostilles and either do not live or work near a Secretary of State or are you doing work in another state?.

We have notaries throughout the USA ready to work at a moment's notice. Search the database to find what you need.

Members can apply to be a courier at $25 a year. Once you join for free, you can apply to be a courier.

& Apostille Direct Services

Notary Networking and Apostille Couriers

Official Launch Video July 31, 2022

& Apostille Direct Services

Apostille Runners for you

Lawrence Institute for Notaries

2022 Apostille Implementation & Evaluation Program. Online Video Lessons, Resources, Monthly Zoom Presentations, Live Zoom Study Halls and more. Expand your skills by offering Apostille Services and use Apostille Direct to connect with partners to help you business grow.

& Apostille Direct Services

Attention Current Subscribers

This website is an upgrade to the Friends of Notaries & Apostilles Database & Apostille Direct System.

(The old database is being retired as we migrate from a manual to an automatic system)

This new system is easier to use and has many more options and features to help you more easily grow your business. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

If you were a part of our old database, you will need you to re-register. This is also a chance to add a photo, a new email address or whatever else someone might need to find you. We have added several categories, but if you do something and we missed it, again, just let us know and we will add it to the menu.

If you are a USER, Please SIGN UP and complete your new profile now

If you are a VETTED COURIER, you need to sign up through an email you will recieve from us so that you will listed as a vetted courier. If you sign up directly on this page, the system will not automatically list you as a vetted courier.

For the next 10 days, so you can continue to work as couriers, we will continue using the old system. Within that time period, if you are a vetted courier, you will receive a link so you can sign in to the new system with your credentials. 

If you are not yet a Courier, you can apply to become an  Courier once inside the database for $25/year. No one is listed as a courier unless you are properly vetted and paid the membership fee. You can apply inside the on your profile page. Once we approve your application, we will list you as an official Courier.